Private Lessons

Yoga Private Lesson Fees

  • 1 Lesson = $100
  • 6 Lesson “Introduction to Yoga” Series = $540
    Basics, Hips, Shoulders, Back, Legs, Core Conditioning Gain a solid foundation for building a yoga practice.

General Lesson Information

  • Credit and debits cards are not accepted for lesson payment; cash or check only (check payable to “Mekosun”).
  • Participants are asked to sign a liability waiver on their first lesson.
  • All lessons are adjusted to the student’s body ability and health history.  Pose modifications are given for less or more challenge.
  • For hygiene, please arrive clean/no strong fragrances.

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If you want to amp up the confidence in your body and in your self, yoga with Matt Meko.  Matt is not here to help you burn calories, to walk you through a simple vinyasa or a “hot” class, or to baby sit your ego. Matt works with men and women who want to make a change in their body and their life. His job is to get the power out of your spirit and have this brightness resembled in your body. There is a natural flow in life, and a natural flow in your body. Where do you resist this? Matt will do his best to mirror you back simplified.

Matt Meko’s playful yoga style is based on traditional yoga postures, theology, and information gathered from many gurus. In addition, he incorporates personal training, life coaching, and yoga therapy experience into his teaching. Expect to get the strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination, joint stability, power, and relaxation that comes from any yoga workout. Also, you’ll find new points of reference for body and mind self-esteem.

Lessons are held in a safe, supportive, and fun environment of Matt’s padded floor yoga loft.  Sometimes people work privately with Matt before they go into his or other group classes.  If you have injuries you're working with, Matt can show you exercises to help heal these issues.  Even after one session with Matt, people usually feel great not just about their body, but also for making the effort to affect change in their life.  If you’d like to schedule an appointment or for more information, email


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